By adapting the best food innovations to your business needs


“It isn’t just what you know, and it isn’t just who you know. It’s actually who you know, who knows you and what you do for a living.”

Bob Burg

Brand 1

Brand 2

Brand 3

Aceleramos marcas de alimentación

Singulares, sostenibles y más saludables​

No somos un intermediario

Somos el equipo de nuestras marcas y generamos sinergias entre ellas

Trade Partners

  • Retailers
  • E+M+Q-commerce
  • Food Service Operators
  • Distributors

Resolvemos tus necesidades

Aportamos mayor servicio sin aumentar los precios de los productos

Accelerate foods

Singular, healthier and more sustainable​ brands

We’re no middleman

We’re our brands’ team and create synergies between them

Sorting your needs

We provide greater service without increasing product prices

Our Innovation Partnership

What we do

  • Share relevant market trends​​
  • Retail range reviews and assortment configuration support
  • Foodservice and HORECA menu optimization advice
  • Search the best suppliers and prepare them for service
  • Billing and logistic consolidation​
  • Improve profitability​
  • Drive clients and consumers to stores, restaurants and distributors​
  • SEO optimization​
  •  Private label and AD-HOC product developments